In the beginning there were these two college guys... told by one of their wives.

the ej effect

The not so sordid history of EJ's..
In 1990, they were just two UofA students with a taste for good cooking and a passion for a cold pint. Now, here they are 24 years later with EJ’s Eats & Drinks, the downtown restaurant & bar they opened in 2002. When EJ’s first opened it was just a 10 table ‘hole-in-the-wall’
on Kavanaugh in Hillcrest. Almost immediately after opening, EJ's gathered a cult following addicted to their generous portions & cozy atmosphere. As pretty much the only alternative to pizza & Chinese delivery, their catering & delivery business quickly grew. After four years in the original location, they were ready to expand into their new home in downtown Little Rock. The downtown location boasts a lively ambience and 25 tables – perfect for a quick business lunch, family dinner, private party or afternoon snacks and cocktails. Yes, we said cocktails…while EJ’s only served beer & wine when they were in Hillcrest, they have a full bar and mixed drinks…so come see for your self why EJ's is becoming such a popular restaurant!